New Features in Release 4.2.3:

  • Enhanced APIs

  • Soft Key Storage for Signer Key

1. Enhanced Management with New APIs

Release v4.2.3: Enhanced API Functionality

We are excited to announce that version 4.2.3 includes significant enhancements to the following APIs aimed at improving functionality and user experience.

Enhanced APIs:

  • getCertificate: This API has been improved to provide more detailed and comprehensive information about certificates.

  • getCertInfo: The getCertInfo API now offers more detailed insights into certificate health and status.

  • getProfiles: This API has been upgraded to provide a more robust listing of available certificate profiles.

  • getProfileInfo: The getProfileInfo API now retrieves more detailed information about specific certificate profiles.

These enhancements are designed to provide a more powerful and user-friendly experience, making managing and utilizing certificates more easily.

2. SoftKey Storage for Signer Key

SoftKey Storage for Signer Keys: Enhanced Security and Flexibility (emCA Release 4.2.3)

We're excited to announce the introduction of SoftKey Storage for signer keys in emCA release 4.2.3. This innovative feature offers greater security and manageability for your signer keys, particularly in environments where hardware-based security modules (HSMs) might not be ideal.

What are Signer Keys?

Signer keys are critical components in digital signing, a process that verifies the authenticity and integrity of electronic documents. These keys ensure that only authorized individuals can sign documents, fostering trust and security in digital transactions.

Traditional Signer Key Storage with HSMs:

Previously, signer keys were primarily stored in HSMs, dedicated hardware devices designed for maximum security. While HSMs offer robust protection, they can also be:

  • Costly to acquire and maintain.

  • Complex to manage and integrate with existing systems.

  • Not readily available in all deployment environments.

SoftKey Storage: A Secure Alternative

emCA's SoftKey Storage introduces an alternative approach for signer key management. This feature allows you to securely store your signer keys within software-based key stores on your server. SoftKey Storage offers several advantages:

  • Enhanced Security: SoftKey Storage leverages industry-standard security practices and encryption algorithms to safeguard your signer keys.

  • Greater Flexibility: SoftKey Storage provides a more flexible solution compared to HSMs. It can be easily deployed in various environments without the need for additional hardware.

  • Streamlined Management: SoftKey Storage simplifies signer key management by integrating seamlessly with your existing emCA infrastructure.

emCA: Delivering Robust Security and Manageability

With SoftKey Storage, emCA empowers you to achieve a strong balance between security and manageability for your signer keys. This innovative feature ensures the integrity of your digital signing processes while providing a more flexible and cost-effective solution.

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