Officers can reinstate user certificates which are suspended earlier by searching the specific suspended user certificate. Only suspended user certificates can be reinstated.

Click on Manage User Certificate ->Reinstate from the sub menu following page will be displayed.

By default “Serial Number” radio button is selected. Officers can search certificates by selecting “Common name”, “Issuer Name”, and “Subscriber ID” from the Search by dropdown menu.

Click on “Search” to search the user certificate.

Click on “Reset” to reset the content entered in the search box.

Select the Reinstate icon to reinstate the certificate. Clicking on the view icon will display the selected certificate detail in the pop-up.

Then enter the remarks in the Remarks text box provided as shown in the below figure.

Sign and Authenticate with a valid email ID and token PIN of the Officer as shown in the below figure.

Click on the “Reinstate” button to successfully reinstate the certificate as shown below

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