OSCP Configuration

Click on Manage OCSP Certificate->Configure OCSP Certificate from the sub-menu and then click on ”+OCSP config”. The following page is shown in the below figure.

On the above page, select the CA certificate from the drop-down.

Enter the valid OCSP URL

OCSP certificate will display all the OCSP certificates issued by selected CA.

Click on “Proceed” will navigate to the verify and confirm page.

The Verify & Confirm page will display the details entered by “Officer” in step 1.

Clicking on the “Edit “button will redirect to the first step with filled details, The Officer can edit the data.

In the verify and confirm page, the officer can verify the data entered and sign and Authenticate with a valid email ID and token PIN.

Click on “Configure” will redirect to the next page.

Clicking on “View all” will redirect the officer to the “Manage OCSP” page.

Clicking on “+New“ will redirect the officer to step 1 of OCSP configuration where an officer can map the CA certificate with the OCSP certificate.

Created certificates will be updated on the “Manage OCSP” page.

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