Create CRL

A CRL is a Certificate Revocation List. When any certificate is issued, it has a validity period which is defined by the Certification Authority. Usually, this is one or two years. Any time a certificate is presented as part of an authentication dialog, the current time will be checked against the validity period.

On the Dashboard page, click on Manage CRL from the menu, All CA certificates (Self–signed, Sub CA) CRLs will be displayed.

If CRL status is inactive click on to create CRL.

On clicking on an icon, displays a popup window.

Check on CRL Auto generation (optional). When selected, CRL Frequency will be displayed.

Enter CRL Frequency

Select the Signature Algorithm from the drop-down

Select the CRL Profile from the drop-down. The CRL profiles created by the Administrator will be displayed in the drop-down

Click on Confirm displays the below popup window

On the page

Sign and Authenticate with the valid email ID of the officer and token PIN

Click on the Create CRL button

A Pop-up indicating successful CRL creation will be displayed as shown below

Close the pop-up to see the ‘CRL Status’ of the respective profile change to ‘Active’

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