Click on the Edit icon button next to each HSM configuration to change the password. This will display the key profile in edit mode, as shown in the figure below.

Please input the current password in the "Old password" field.

Enter your new password in the "New Password" field and re-enter it in the "Confirm Password" field as shown in the figure above.

Click the Confirm button, then authenticate using the admin email ID and Token PIN as shown in Figure below.

Click on the "Update Keyprofile" button to update the HSM password, as shown in the figure above.

To make changes to the password entered, simply click on the "Edit" button.


Each record has a Delete icon button. Clicking it opens a popup window that displays "Do you want to delete?" with Yes and No buttons. Click on Yes to delete the key profile, otherwise click on No.


To download the key profiles to your local system, simply click on the Export button displayed above the table..

Check Connection

To check the connection with the HSM, please click on the "check connection" icon.

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