Sign CSR

To sign a certificate, you'll need the CSR file. Go to CA Certificate Management > Signing CSR to sign under CA certificate profiles.

Upload the CSR file which needs to be signed by Issuer.

Choose the Certificate profile from the dropdown. Click on view link to view the profile details in popup.

Based on the certificate profile selection, Issuer CA will be displayed. Click on view link to view the Certificate details in popup.

Click on “Save and Proceed” will redirect to verify and confirm page as shown below.

The above Figure will display the details entered by “Officer” in step 1.

CSR Summary will display the details of CSR uploaded and that user can download by click on download button.

Click on “edit “button will redirect to first step, Officer can edit the content click on “Save and Proceed”.

The user needs to authenticate with valid email ID and token PIN of the Officer.

Clicking on “Sign CSR” creates signing CSR and displays below figure.

Clicking on “Download Certificate” will download .cer file in the system.

Clicking on “Sign more CSR “will redirect the officer to step1 of signing CSR where an officer will be able to sign more CSR.

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