Automatic Backup on Local Server

CA Administrator can Schedule the backup in the local server by selecting mode as “Automatic” and Backup location as “Local server”.

On the dashboard page, Click on the Backup tab which displays the below page.

By default “Manual” will be selected. Select Automatic.

Select Data to Backup. Refer Note below.


  1. If the CA Administrator selects Application backup then the CA admin should be able to create a backup of emCA properties (config name, serial no of certificate, DB name), configuration (path, user name, db related data), logger property (log files, format, size), token config

  2. If the CA Administrator selects certificate manager Database (complete SQL db.) should be backed up.

Select When to backup from dropdown (hourly/Daily/weekly/Monthly)

By default backup location will be the local server.

Enter the full path of the folder of the local server system. Data backup will be taken in a specified path i.e. system where emCA is deployed.

CA Administrator should sign and authenticate with a token plugged into the system, enter the email ID, and enter a valid Token PIN.

Click on the Backup button to create an automatic backup in the local system and display a success message as shown in the below figure.

The backup will be stored in the path specified in Zip format. Extract the zip file to check the backup files.

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