emCA Deployment Guide

Deployment of emCA Components

This section provides detailed steps for deploying the following components of emCA product and its related components:

  • emCA Core

  • emCA API

  • OCSP Core

  • OCSP Responder

  • TSA Core

  • TSA Web

  • Scheduler

  • LDAP*

*eMudhra does not supply this component and the customer has to install either open-source or Commercial LDAP solutions which can be integrated with emCA

emCA is typically deployed as a standalone application server on a physical server or virtual machine to manage the certificate lifecycle of a Root CA or Issuing CA. emCA comes with associated components such as the validation server, i.e., OCSP and Timestamping services.

emCA and its associated components can be deployed on any application server such as Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic, and WebSphere. It is also compatible with various open source and commercial databases, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Oracle, and MS SQL.

The key components of emCA deployment include the following war files:

  • emCA Core (emCA.war)

  • emCA API (emCAServices.war)

  • OCSP Core (OcspResponderCore.war)

  • OCSP Responder (OcspResponderWeb.war)

  • TSA Core (emTSA.war and eTSA.war)

  • TSA Web (WebTSA.war)

  • emCAScheduler(scheduler.war)

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