SCT Request

SCT Request, under Manage User Certificate, is accessible only to officers. If any certificate request created under the CT Logs Enable category (if the user profile contains is CT Logs Enable as shown below), the Officer can import the response, view the certificate, and download the certificate.

After creation of the user profile go to Manage User Certificate -> Sign CSR and Sign a . CSR file and select the certificate profile created in the previous step

Click on Proceed and review the details. Authenticate if all details are correct.

Click on the Sign CSR button

After signing CSR go to Manage User Certificate -> SCT Request you will get the list below.

Click on the View button from Action to view the certificate as shown below.

Click on the Download button to download the certificate.

Click on the Import button to import the response. It will display the next page as shown below:

Click on the Add file button and select the .txt file as shown below:

Click on the proceed button and authenticate with the email ID and password

Click on Sign CSR to get a success message and download the certificate

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