Backup Restoration

This provides a means for a CA Administrator to perform a secure restore operation to restore the contents of those backups at another installation.

Note: Before starting this, make sure you have backup and restore folder created, Hash value of backup. (To create a backup, refer to the Backup section)

Open the URL (varies with client eg:http://somehost:someport /emCA) on any browser. The user will be displayed with emCA login page (If emCA utility is installed).

Note: If websocketutility is not installed, then emCA websocket utility download popup will be displayed. Refer section “Installing emCA websocket utility”.

When the user enters the URL the below page will be displayed where the user can restore.

Click on the Restore button which displays the below screen.

Enter the valid Database “URL” where the user wants to restore. Refer tp the below screenshot.

Enter the Username of the database.

Enter the database password.

Click on “Test Connection”

Once the connection is established successfully, it will navigate to the next step.

On the Restore page, enter the valid backup file path.

Enter the path of the folder where the user wants to restore logs

Enter the hash value of the backup where the user wants to restore. (The user can get the hash value from the database after a successful backup)

Click on “Confirm”

Based on the backup file CA administrator should be able to restore data and display a success message. Refer to the below screenshot.

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