Scheduler Configuration

The Publish Scheduler Configuration feature assists officers in publishing certificate (cert) and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) details to a repository or LDAP server. To access this feature on the dashboard page, click on Cert/CRL Management and then select "Publish Cert/CRL" from the sub-menu. This will allow you to publish CERT/CRL data to the repository, as shown in the figure below.

On the page (Figure 116), Enter the repository server path for CERT

Enter the repository server path for CRL to publish CERT/CRL data to LDAP.


Enter Username of LDAP server.

Enter password of LDAP server.

Click on “Confirm” button.

In the figure above, authenticate by plugging in your token and entering your email ID and token pin.

Click on the “Save Settings” button.

Click on the Edit button to edit the entered data.

On success, you will be displayed the success message “Publish CERT/CRL settings successfully saved,” as shown in the above image.

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