View Hierachy

As an administrator, the user can access the CA Hierarchy user interface, which presents a hierarchical view of CA Certificates, including both Root and Sub CA certificates. This interface outlines the certificate chain for each sub-hierarchy in a tree structure, with the Root level on the left-most side.

By clicking on a particular CA certificate, the Administrator can

  • View certificate details

  • Delete certificates

  • Export certificates

Users can easily filter for matching CA names using the "Search" field above the CA hierarchy.

Users can delete CA certificates by clicking "Delete" in the detail view, followed by a confirmation dialog.

To finalize the deletion, please click on the "Delete" button and confirm your action.

User will be prompted to authenticate the delete action. Authenticate using your Administrator token and proceed by pressing Authenticate.

Warning :

  • Deleting CA certificates is highly discouraged!

  • CA certificates – even if expired – can be used to validate signatures later on.

  • Deleting CA certificates will render underlying CA certificates inaccessible as well.

Clicking the Export button on the right side of the detail view allows the user to export the CA certificate.

  • DER-encoded X.509 certificate (.cer)

  • Base64-encoded X.509 certificate (.cer)

  • Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard PKCS#7 certificate (.p7b)

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