List of Prerequisites

After successfully configuring and deploying the emCA application, authorized users can perform various activities on the application based on their assigned roles. However, before using the emCA application, please ensure that the following things are set up properly to ensure seamless usage of the application:

After deploying the application, the CA Administrator needs to follow a short process (refer to emCA Deployment document) to set up the applicat

  • Post deployment of application, there is a short process [please refer emCA Deployment document] to setup the application by CA Administrator which includes

o Registration of emCA application by generation of Generate ID (license request) and license registration

o Creation of Administrators

  • Installation of token drivers. This is required for users to use their tokens in the application.

  • Installation of emCA WebSocket. This is required for token-based signing and authentication.

  • Creation of other users by Administrator. This includes the creation of Officers and auditors.

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