New CRL Profile

To create a new profile, clicking ‘New Profile’ will display the following new CRL profile creation screen.

On the above page:

Enter the Profile name

Enter validity in a number of days.

The Custom CRL number field is 1 by default. It is a monotonically increasing sequence number for a given CRL scope and the CRL issuer allows users to easily determine when a particular CRL succeeds another CRL

CRL Extensions:

The following is the list of extensions available for selection as part of the ‘CRL Extensions’ section. To select a specific extension, select the ‘Use’ checkbox attached to the respective extension. For selected extensions, an option to mark a specific section as ‘Critical’ is also provided.

The Issuer alternate name extension (optional) allows additional identities to be associated with the issuer of CRL

The Authority Information Access extension (optional) contains information about the issuer of the certificate. This extension helps to fetch immediate certificates from the issuing certification authority

Delta CRL extension (optional) contains all non-expired certificates that have been revoked since the last base CRL was published

The Freshest URL extension (optional) identifies the CRL to which a certificate user should refer to obtain the freshest revocation information

The Authority Key Identifier extension (mandatory) provides a means of identifying the public key corresponding to the private key used to sign a certificate

Once all the required details are selected, clicking on “Proceed” will display the following page.

In the above image, the Admin should enter their Username and token PIN and click on the ‘Authenticate’ button. The admin credentials will be validated

Clicking on the ‘Edit’ button will redirect the Admin to the first step with filled details where the Admin can modify the entered data

Once the validation is done, clicking on ‘Confirm’ will create the CRL profile and be viewed below

Clicking on ‘View all’ will redirect the Administrator to the ‘CRL Profiles’ page

Clicking on ‘+ New’ will redirect the Administrator to the step1 of certificate Profile creation where the admin should be able to create a new certificate profile

The created certificate profile will be updated on the ‘CRL Profiles’ page

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