Key Recovery with new Password

On the dashboard page, Click Recover User Keypair->Recover from the sub menu, which displays the page below.

Select the appropriate option from the “Search by” dropdown i.e. serial number, common name, issuer name, status, and subscriber ID.

Based on the option selected in the “Search by” dropdown, select Search for.

Click on the “Search” button.

It will show the list of User Certificates whose KRS Enable is checked during the creation of the user certificate profile.

Click on the key recovery icon from the Action column which displays the below page.

By default, the “PFX with new password” radio button will be selected.

Enter the new PIN.

Click on the confirm button which displays the below figure.

The officer needs to sign and authenticate with a token plugged into the system, enter the email ID of the officer, and enter a valid token PIN.

Click on the “Recover Key” button. .pfx file will be available for download.

Click on the “Download Certificate” button to download the PFX file on the system.

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