Manage Certificate Profiles

Certificate profiles determine the features and limitations of certificates that are issued by a Certificate Authority (CA). These profiles provide specific details and characteristics, such as the key usage, extended key usage, validity term, and other important aspects, that a certificate needs to have.

Certificate profiles are essentially blueprints that are used to generate certificates with predetermined parameters. They support the organization's security policies and needs by ensuring that the certificates issued by a CA are consistent and secure. Certificate profiles are defined by emCA through the functions located in the Certificates Profiles sub-menu.

The below shows the user interface of the certificate profiles.

An Administrator can perform the following actions for certificate profiles by accessing sub-menu:

Create New Profile: Click on the "+ New Profile" button to create a new certificate profile. This action will open the Certificate Profile Edit Dialog.

The features available in the emCA or the CA Administrator interface will depend on the certificate features selected during configuration. X.509, CVC (Card Verifiable Certificate), and EMV are the available certificate types based on the choices made during the setup process.

To create an "X509 certificate" profile, the user must choose "X509" as the certificate type.

Once a certificate type is selected, the corresponding certificate profile options are activated and can be accessed. This helps users by providing relevant and context-specific choices, making the process of generating certificates easier and more efficient based on their specific needs.

Search: The user can filter the list of certificate profiles by clicking on Search and using the pop-up.

Users can filter using each criterion with an equal or contain comparator.

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