Revoke CA Certificate

On the Dashboard page, click on CA Certificate Management->Revocation from the sub menu as shown in figure below.

In the above page, by default “Serial Number” radio button is selected. Officer can search certificate by selecting “Common name” or “issuer Name”

Enter the “search for” term as per option selected in “Search by” dropdown. For example Serial number, enter serial no. of the CA certificate. Common name enter Common name of the CA certificate.

Click on “Search” to search the CA certificate.

Clicking on view icon will display selected certificate detail in pop up.

Click on Revoke icon available in Action column to initiate revocation.

On clicking Revoke icon, choose the reason from the “Reason for Revocation” dropdown figure below

The figure below will display the details entered by “Officer” in step 1.

Sign and Authenticate with valid email ID of Officer and token PIN.

Click on “Revoke”, successfully revokes the certificate as shown below.

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