CA Admin Login

To access emCA, open any browser and enter the emCA URL. This will display the login page, which looks like the image shown below.

All users who have role-based access to the application are directed to a common login page. In emCA, the login page is designed to display the type of login chosen by the user at the time of registration, whether it be through a hard token, soft token, or password.

When a user chooses a hard token for logging in, they need to provide their username and insert the crypto token containing the PFX file. On the other hand, if a user prefers a soft token for login, they just have to provide their username to install the PFX file on their system. In the case of a password-based login, users must provide both their username and password. To access the application, users must key in their respective username and password on the login page. After providing the necessary credentials, users can start using the application by clicking on the "Login" button.

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