All Certificates

The "All Certificates" reports section allows users to view a table of all the certificates generated by emCA. The table displays the Issued Date, Expiry Date, Certificate Serial No., Common Name, issuer Name, and the Status of each certificate (active, expired, revoked, suspended, or reinstated).

emCA provides a range of filtering options to simplify certificate searches.

Search Filters:

Serial Number and Common Name: Users must enter relevant information in the designated field for "Serial Number" or "Common Name" selections.

Issuer Name: When the user selects "Issuer Name," they must choose the correct issuer from the dropdown.

Status: If the user chooses the "Status" option, they must select the specific status from the dropdown list, which represents the current state of the certificate.

Subscriber ID: When searching for a certificate using "Subscriber ID", the user must provide the specific Subscriber ID associated with it.

Created Date and Expiry Date: If the user selects "Created Date" or "Expiry Date," they must enter the certificate's creation and expiry dates in "yyyy-mm-dd" format, including the time if needed. This enables accurate date-based searching.

emCA is a user-friendly interface that allows users to filter and locate certificates based on their unique requirements easily.


To download the certificate, users should click the "Download" icon under the action column.


Users should click the "View" icon under the Action column to view the certificate.

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