Revoking certificates means blacklisting certificate permanently. Revoking a certificate invalidates it as a trusted security credential before its original validity period expires. There are a number of reasons why a certificate can become untrustworthy as a security credential before its scheduled expiration. Only officer has the rights to revoke a certificate.

Click on Manage user Certificate ->Revoke/Suspend from the sub menu as shown in figure below.

By default “—Select---” is selected. Officer can search for the certificate to be revoked by selecting “Serial Number”, “Common name” “issuer Name” or ”Subscriber Id”.

Enter the search for term as per the Search By selection. Say for example if Search by is selected as Serial Number, enter Serial Number of the user certificate.

Click on “Search” to search the user certificate.

Click on “Reset” to reset the content entered in search box

Select the Revoke icon from action to select the certificate you want to revoke or view. Clicking on view icon will display selected certificate detail in pop up.

Choose the reason from the Reason for Revocation dropdown as shown in figure 63.

Clicking on view icon will display selected certificate detail in pop up.

Enter the reason in the text box provided.

Click on Confirm button

Below shown in figure will display the details entered by “Officer”

Authenticate with Officer’s valid email ID and token PIN [The no. of officers required to authenticate and sign the request will be defined in the M of N defined during initial CA Setup] and then click on Revoke button.

Click on “Revoke” to successfully revoke certificate as shown below.

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