Generation Of Softtoken Certificate


In this section, users can download the pfx/JKS/JCEKS file of their certificate. Only user profiles with the KRS-enabled parameter checked by the admin will be displayed for soft token certificate creation.

Click on Manage User Certificate and select Enroll from the sub-menu on the Dashboard page, as shown in the figure below.

In the above shown figure :

By default “Soft token” radio button will be selected.

Select the Certificate profile created for user certificate issuance.

The Subject DN fields are displayed based on the certificate profile selected.

Accordingly, fill in the details.

Enter Subscriber ID.

Select the Key algorithm and size from the drop-down

Select the Key profile to create user keypairs.

Click on Save and Proceed, which displays below page as shown in figure.

The above page displays the details entered by “Officer” in step 1.

Click on the “Edit” button will redirect to the first step with filled details.

In the verify and confirm page, the officer can verify the data entered. Sign and Authenticate with a valid email ID and token PIN.

Click on “Create” will redirect to the next page, as shown in the figure below.

Click on “Download Certificate” will download .pfx file in the system.

Click on “+ New“ will redirect the officer to step 1 of enrollment where an officer will be able to create a user certificate.

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