Generate Signing CSR

Click on CA Certificate Management->Enrol left menu which displays below page.

Already generated key pair will be displayed. If not then generate a new key pair by clicking on Generate Key Pair button.

Click on the Manage icon in the Action column the following page will be displayed.

By default “Certificate” radio button will be selected. Please change the option to “CSR”

Enter the common name which is a mandatory field

Optional: Subject DN (email, Organisation, etc.) can be added by selecting from the dropdown and clicking on the + button

Optional: Customize OID will add subject DN where the user can add a distinguished name by entering OID and value

Optional: SAN details - The subject alternative names extension allows additional identities to be bound to the subject of the certificate. It may include an email address, a DNS name, an IP address, and a uniform resource identifier (URI)

Optional: Subject DA - Add Subject DA OID and the relevant value using the option ‘+’

Click on the “Proceed button”.

This page will display the details entered by you in step 1.

Click on the “Edit “button will redirect to the first step with filled details, Officer can edit the data by clicking on the “Proceed” button.

In the 2nd step, the officer can verify the data entered. Sign and Authenticate with a valid email ID and token PIN.

Click on “Create” will redirect to the next page.

Clicking on “Download Certificate” will download the .csr file in the system.

Clicking on View All will redirect the officer to the “CA certificate” page

Clicking on “+ New” will redirect the officer to step 1 of enrollment where the officer will be able to create a certificate (CA, OCP) and create CSR. Created certificates will be updated in “CA certificate” with status as pending.

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