CA Administrator

The CA Administrator is the highest-ranking role in the emCA system and has ultimate authority over other roles. Their primary responsibility is to ensure the overall integrity and security of the system. During the emCA setup process, a group of CA Administrators is created, and this group cannot be expanded or reduced in size after the initial installation without reinstalling emCA. Therefore, it is important to determine the final number of CA Administrators before the initial setup.

CA Administrators are used multiple times during the initial setup of the emCA PKI Appliance. However, after the setup is complete, their role is limited during the normal operation of the system. Their main tasks during this period are to create and restore manual backups only in case of emergencies and to create new administrators.

The CA Administrator has the following entitlements and responsibilities:

  • Complete the initial setup process.

  • Register the emCA application by generating a license request and uploading the license.

  • Create and manage users with the Administrator role.

  • Delete Root CA, CA, and Sub/Issuing CA certificates and key pairs.

In the next part, we will provide a detailed explanation of all the features available in the emCA application for users with the CA Administrator role. We will also include helpful screenshots of the application to make things clearer.

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