Create EMV Certificate Profile

An EMV certificate profile acts as a digital ID card for secure and globally recognized payment transactions.

In order to generate an "EMV certificate profile", the user must select the EMV certificate type during the CA certificate profile setup.

Basic Information

The visual representation below depicts the "Basic Information" segment found within the Certificate Profile Edit Dialog:

Name Your Profile: Give your certificate profile a name in the "Profile Name" field. Make it unique and use any regular letters or numbers you like.

Public Key Index: Fill in the "CA Public Key Index" field. This is like the special key that connects your certificate to the Certification Authority (CA) that issued it.

Set Expiry Date: Choose when your certificate should expire by entering the expiration date in the MMYY format.

Card Type: Select either "Mastercard" or "Custom" from the dropdown menu. This helps define what kind of card you're using.

Add a Description: Fill in the Description field with any info you want to note about this certificate.

Click "Proceed" to save the profile. Authenticate with your Administrator token and click "Confirm" to finalize the certificate profile.

You can create new profiles by clicking on "+New" or return to the Certificate Profile overview by clicking on "View all".

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