Manage CA Certificates

The user can search for CA certificates in all groups.

Select a search criteria from the dropdown box on the left. The following search criteria are available:

  • Serial Number – the serial number of the CA certificate.

  • Common Name – the common name (CN) of the CA certificate.

  • Issuer Name – the CN of the issuer (= CA) of the CA certificate.

  • Status – the state of the certificate.

The search value can be inserted in the right field for all search criteria except "Issuer Name" and "Status".

For "Issuer Name", the right field changes to a dropdown box from which you can select any existing CA name.

For "Status", the right field changes to the following dropdown box:

After inserting the search value or selecting the status filter, click Search to filter for all matching user certificates.

The following image shows an example of a CA-specific filter:

  • DER-encoded X.509 certificate (.cer)

  • Base64-encoded X.509 certificate (.cer)

  • Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard PKCS#7 certificate (.p7b)

Select the export format of your choice and click "Download" to start the download of the user certificate. The user certificate will be downloaded to the standard download location of your OS.

If more search results are found than can be displayed on one page, you can switch pages using the navigation element at the bottom of the table:

If no search results are found, a corresponding message will be displayed instead:

Click Reset on the top-right of the UI to empty the search filter again.

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