User can search for CA certificates, view the search results, and download the desired certificate. To search for a certificate, go to the Dashboard page, click on "Manage CA Certificates," and select "Search" from the submenu, as shown in the figure below.

The user will be redirected to the user certificate search page as shown in below figure.

Select “Search By” options from the dropdown and then enter value in the “Search for” field.

Click on the Search button, displays the records. Refer below figure.

Click on the Reset button to clear the search values as shown above.

In the search certificate page shown above against the CA Certificate, two options are provided in the action column, i.e., View and Download.

Clicking on the View icon will display the certificate details in a popup window as shown below

Click on close button/icon to close the popup.

Clicking on Download icon will display following options as shown below figure

Click on the “Download” button to download the certificate in the selected format.

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