View CA Hierachy

CA Hierarchy deals with the display a hierarchical view of Certificates (Root, CA, and Sub CA certificates). CA Hierarchy defines the certificate chain and by clicking on a particular certificate; certificate details can be viewed and exported. The user can also know by looking at the hierarchical view whether for a given CA Certificate the private key is available or not.

  • To access the CA Hierarchy menu, navigate to the dashboard page and click on the option available on the left panel.

  • You will be taken to the CA Hierarchy page. Please refer to the figure below for guidance.

  • By clicking on a particular CA certificate, the CA Administrator can view certificate details and export certificates.

For larger sets of CAs, there is also a Search field located above the CA hierarchy. The Search field filters for matching CA names depending on the user input.

By clicking Export on the right side of the detail view, the user can export the CA certificate as

  • DER-encoded X.509 certificate (.cer)

  • Base64-encoded X.509 certificate (.cer)

  • Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard PKCS#7 certificate (.p7b)

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