Dashboard Page

After successfully logging into emCA, all role-based users are directed to the Dashboard page.

The emCA Dashboard shows the number of active certificates, revoked certificates, certificates expiring soon, and CRL. It also displays active CA certificates and user certificates..

Below, we provide a detailed explanation of the emCA Dashboard page.

  1. Navigation Panel: On the left-hand side of the dashboard, the Navigation panel displays various options that the CA Administrator can select.

  2. Home Button: At the top of every user interface, there is a "Home" button that takes you back to the emCA Dashboard. From there, you can access statistical information related to your Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

  3. Language: You can select your preferred language from the drop-down menu located in the top-right corner of the UI.

  4. User Information: You can find the "User Information" section in the top-right corner of the UI. This section has two sub-sections: Profile and Logout.

  • Profile: This section allows users to view their own user information, but editing is not possible.

  • Logout: To log out of the emCA system, users can manually select the logout option.

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