Application Logs

All the actions performed by the users will be displayed in the Logs report table with latest on the top list. CA admin will be able to check his own logs and Auditor will be able to check logs of all the users of the group.

Login to Auditor with email id and password as shown below:

On the Dashboard page, click on Reports->Application Logs from sub menu.

You will be redirected to the Log reports page. Refer below image.

Clicking on “Verification” icon from Action column will verify the above entire row for data integrity.

If tempered, then it will give the failure message given below.

If data is correct then give the success message given below.


Select “Search by” option and enter Search string.

Click on the Search button, filters the records.

Click on Reset button to clear the search values.


Click on the “Export to Excel” button in log reports page. Downloads report in excel sheet to the local system.

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