Certificate Profiles

Certificate profiles determine the technical parameters that can be included in a certificate, such as X.509 Certificate extensions, Subject DN, key usages, and extended key usages. These profiles are extensible and upgradeable.

After logging in, go to the dashboard page and click the "Manage profiles" button. From there, select "Certificate Profiles," which will take you to the following page:


Clicking the View icon button beside each record will reveal the certificate profile details. pop-up window.


Click on Edit icon button beside each record, displays edit certificate profile in edit mode which has same steps as create certificate profile page.


For each record, click on the Delete icon button to remove the certificate profile. A popup window will appear with "Do you want to delete?" message and Yes/No buttons. Select Yes to delete or No to keep the record.


To download the certificate profiles to your local system, simply click on the Export button that is displayed above the table.

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