Create PKCS 12 Keyprofile

To create or edit a profile, simply go to the designated page and enter the name of the profile in the field labeled "Enter Profile Name".

Please select the profile type as PKCS12 from the dropdown menu, as shown in the figure below.

Upload the PKCS12 (.pfx) file in the designated option and enter the password provided by your vendor.

Please click on the "Test Connection" button as shown in the figure displayed below.

Please click on the "Proceed" button below. The next page will be displayed as shown in the figure below.

The page above shows the information that was inputted by the "Administrator" during step 2.

Clicking on the "Edit" button will redirect the user to the first step with pre-filled details. The administrator can edit the data and then click on "Proceed".

In the second step, the admin should verify the entered data and authenticate it with a valid email ID and token PIN.

"When you click on the "Confirm" button, you will be redirected to the next page. Please refer to the figure below for reference."

When the Administrator clicks on the "View All" button, they will be directed to the "Manage Key Profile" page.

Clicking on “+ New” will redirect the administrator to step 1 of the key profile creation, where they can create a new key profile.

"The newly created key profile will be updated on the 'Manage Key Profile' page."

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