emCA Websocket

The emCA web socket utility is used to identify the certificate in the token. Installation requires an ‘Administrator’ privilege

  • Open any browser like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome or Firefox etc. and enter the URL, for example URL- “http://emca.emudhra.com/emCA/login.htm” in enter address field.

  • If the web socket is not installed, then the following page will be displayed, as shown in the below Figure. Otherwise, the user will be displayed on the login page.

  • Click on download button as shown in above figure and save the setup file on the machine. Double click on the emCA.msi file, below pop up box will open as shown below.

  • Click on Next as shown above figure

  • By default, it will show the path of installation. To install to a different folder, enter the path or browse the path as shown above figure. Click on the “Next” button.

  • Click “Install” to begin the installation as shown above Figure.

  • On click of Install, a pop-up box will open showing the below message.

    “Do you want to allow the following program to install software on this computer?”

  • Click on the “YES” button

  • emCA web socket utility starts installing. Wait till the installation completes, as shown in the above figure.

  • Once installation is completed, click on Finish as shown in figure 12. You are done with emCA utility is installation and ready to use.

  • Now the user can see emCA utility running in the system either in the desktop or in the start menu.

o Double-click or Right click on “emCA” icon

o Click on the “Run as Administrator” option.

  • This opens the emCA utility successfully with the “Service started successfully” message as shown below figure.

Now the user can go back to login page for logging into emCA Application based on the role.

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